Board Liaisons

Theresa Metcalf

Kerrville Economic Development Corporation

Jacques DuBose

Historic Downtown Business Alliance

Mary Ellen Summerlin

City of Kerrville

Council Member

Dainelle Logan

Board Member

David Jones

Board Member

Bob Couch

Board Member

Tami Edwards

Board Member

David Martin

Board Member

Melissa Southern


Rose Bradshaw Chairperson

Board Members


The Kerrville Main Street Advisory Board is a seven member board appointed by city council. The objectives of the Main Street Advisory Board are to promote the organization of Central Business District into a strong, cohesive unit that works together for the betterment of the area, encourage appropriate high-quality design in the maintenance, renovation and re-use of buildings in the Central Business District, sponsor events in the Central Business District for the entire community to promote a positive image of the district, and aim for full use and occupancy of the Central Business District. 

Advisory Board